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Worst Nightmares of Financial Modelers

The financial modelers have to present the outcomes of their analysis from time to time.  There are a lot of financial modelers who are facing the worst nightmares of their career that keeps on repeating itself.
Few of them are:

1. Clean Up Other Person’s Model

Someone else’s model is full of surprises, sometimes pleasant and sometimes miserable. Financials modeler faces challenges while cleaning up someone else’s model or creating a new one from others model so created.

2. The Unexpected Appearance Of Circular References

Financial modelers have issues with the circular references that flow freely in the models. It also restricts the effective usage of excel functionalities.

3.  Financial Model Crashes And No-Backup

The most prevalent issue while working on a financial model is the crashing of the model. It becomes the biggest challenge when the modeler does not possess any backup for the same. It implies that they have to create it from scratch.

4. Worksheet Compatibility Issues

Worksheet compatibility is an issue which can be quickly rectified. The financial modeler must check their model and calculations in different excel versions to check its compatibility.

5. Imbalance In The Balance Sheet

All the models require balances in the balance sheet and if it doesn’t matches at both the sides; then, it is a complicated situation where you need to analyze profit and loss accounts all over again.

6.  Fluctuating Accounting Standards

Financial models accompany the whole journey of a project, and the modelers must be prepared for the fluctuations in the accounting and other standards. The model that is prepared should be flexible in nature.

7.  Working On New Projects

Finance has various acronyms and expressions, and this has become a challenging task for a financial modeler to memorize each one of them. There must be a document attached to the project to understand the project as directed.

8. Excel Phobia

There are certain people who havefears of excel. For every small change in a model, people prefer seeking help from financial modelers.

9. Language Barrier

One of the significant problems that are faced by the financial modelers is that they get the work, across the globe, and many of the times document is in the other languages that are difficult to understand. Here financial modelers,have to use various models and applications that help them to provide quality work to the client.

10. Being identified As The Data Crunchers

Financial modelers not only confine to data they do a lot more than just analyzing the data. A good financial modeler must have an excellent knowledge of every aspect that has to be considered in preparing a model. Financial modelers should be treated as colleagues and not as data crunchers. They should be considered as a part of the organization not just as tools.

Do you also find the same challenges while working on a financial model? Here is the right solution to your problem. We at Infocrest can help you solve your issues related to the financial modeling. The Infocrest team has created financial models for some of the renowned brands for years. We will help you with your custom financial model that will help you to grow with the trends.

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Johanna R

Skwoll, a social app based business based in Switzerland engaged Infocrest to undertake a complex financial modelling and Investor Deck, in order to secure funding for launching the application and other working capital need. We were impressed at the level of skills, knowledge and experience that Yash and the team brought to the table. The end product was better than expected and extremely user friend. Team Skwoll would have no hesitation to recommend Yash and his team for anyone looking to do Business Plans, complex Financial Modelling or Investor Presentation.

Jamie L.

Absolute Immigration engaged Yash Mantri of InfoCrest to undertake a complex financial modelling and pricing project. We were impressed at the level of skills, knowledge and experience that Yash and the team brought to the table, and felt they went above and beyond the initial requirements. Yash was extremely flexible when we altered the project brief half way through the process. The end product was better than expected and extremely user friend. Absolute Immigration would have no hesitation to recommend Yash and his team for anyone looking to do complex financial modelling. We would certainly use them again if the need presented itself.

D'wayne P

I'm writing to recommend Yash Mantri of InfoCrest. I've worked with Mr. Mantri for the past four years where he has completed both Real Estate Analysis work and Marketing and Feasibility reporting for deals ranging from $5mm to $150mm in the hotel, residential and mixed-use sector. I highly recommend Yash as he is an asset to any organization

Matthew A.

I'm writing to recommend Yash Mantri, CEO of Infocrest. Our company had developed next generation, multifactor authentication (MFA) software that integrates biometric security solutions across multiple platforms. It operates over PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smartphones replacing tokens, dongles and other such devices to provide high-end security. We are having offices in Singapore, London and Malaysia. I've been working with him and his team for the past four months where his team is helping with feasibility study and financial modelling to present to investors, for raising Series a round of funds of $3M and acquiring three smaller companies. In the time I've known him, Yash is consistently been a strong team player and his team is extremely professional and analytical. They have also helped me in finding loop holes in my accounting system, which was beneficial to operations of my company.


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