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Financial Modeling / Analysis

Preparing for the future

With financial forecasts we build a predictive model to help companies make sound business decisions. Financial forecasting and modelling can be used in budgeting, investment research, and project financing, and raising capital.


Financial Modeling / Analysis

Whether a new enterprise or vast commercials, are you still wrangling with spreadsheets to smoothen your workflow??

Financial projections are part and parcel of business. While striving to meet new challenges, virtually every organization today hinders due to the complexity of different systems, a proliferation of spreadsheets, and various management processes and controls. Financial Modelling is the best way to get rid of all of these difficulties. Financial Modeling is an art in itself which differs from business to business and provides a representation of the financials of any organization.


Infocrest is a global business solution provider which provides advanced financial modeling consultant services, corporate financial analysis, excel report, and business feasibility test for corporate. Our financial analysts use the applicable accounting and reporting standards to address the following objectives

Financials Forecast
Budget Analysis
Cost Analysis
Projecting Cash Flow
Ratio Analysis
Preparing a Sales Forecast
Graphical Presentation
Projecting Your Worth

Financial Plan Uses

Valuation of Equity

Investors who are looking to invest in a particular business can use this. Also, investors who are already invested in certain businesses and are looking to sell their stakes can use this.

Application for and disbursement of loans

A company looking to borrow funds from banks or other financial institutions or investors, can decide the amount to be borrowed, interest rates, period of repayment, etc. based on the outcomes of a financial model.

Credit ratings

The credit rating agencies issue ratings and reviews it based on the financial models for various companies.

Capital allocation decisions for internal projects

When a company is allocating capital for various internal projects, the decision makers use financial models to measure and compare the financial outcomes of various projects.

Ascertain fund requirement

They are needed to validate how much money an entrepreneur will need to start-up.

Investor measure his desired return

This is needed to validate how much the investor himself can potentially make on the investment.

The Way We Work


Documents Required

Product and service Description
Target Market
Start-up expenses
Utilization of funds
Funds request and owners contribution
Marketing Budget
Profit % Expected
Sales Expectation
Assets Acquired
Any other calculation if you have done at your end to clarify

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Infocrest is keen to make your business grow and therefore we are open to customizing a package for you that suits your business requirement and your finance budget.

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