This will give owners the ability to set up commands like “Alexa, I’m going to bed” that turns off the lights in your … It is very easy to create this type of time based lighting automation with SmartThings. If you are in the bedroom, then Alexa turns on your bedroom lamps. Alexa knows what lights to turn on based on the Amazon Echo device you are asking. control lights and other smart gadgets from a Fire tablet, Netflix is now available on your Echo Show, A device with Alexa built-in or the Alexa app, Select the type of device you are setting up (Light, Plug or Switch), Pick from the pre-defined room names or add a customised name for the group, Tap on the devices you want to be in the group. You can create as many Routines as you want, and they can control individual lights, or groups of lights. Somehow, the processor on the Alexa … I pretty much use mine as a radio/music player and nothing else, and still find it pretty handy. Smart Home Focus may earn a small commission when you purchase a product from links on our site. The price you pay is not affected. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal. The Amazon Alexa App looks like its really come on since I last used it, I may need to revisit it and see if it suits my needs more now. Shelly makes tiny Wi-Fi switches which should fit into the back boxes of a wall switch (or even a ceiling rose). Please leave a comment below to ask a question, help someone else or share your experiences. Seems like amazon is introducing bugs. Is it possible to setup Alexa to do a scheduled turn on at 9 pm everyday and turn off at another time every day? There are several smart fan and light controllers on the market. Wouldn't it be nice to arrive home to a well-lit house, rather … Each switch will have a specific name which should be created when you install and setup your light switch with your smart home controller. However, you can achieve what you want by just saying “turn on the lights” (not “turn on family room lights” as an example) to the Echo included in your group. EXPAND YOUR PHILIPS HUE ECOSYSTEM: You can easily expand on your starter kit when you purchase other Hue light points & accessories. If you see a single flash of purple light after an interaction with Alexa, that means you have Do Not Disturb enabled. 2. From the list, choose Smart Home, then either pick Control device or Control group depending upon whether you want just one light to turn on, or multiple lights at the same time. They can just say turn on the lights and Alexa knows what to do! I recommend using SmartThings to automate your home lighting. When I say turn on the lights only the lamps will turn on. Even last night, context aware lighting was working fine (“Alexa, turn off the lights,” and it did). I have over 100 connected devices in my home, and I'm excited to share what I have learned to help you build a Smart Home that works! One of the greatest things about Alexa and the Amazon Echo devices is the speed of innovation and improvements. In Setup click on Modes and tick Away. Husband, father and Smart Home enthusiast. Nothing about my setup changed just that it stopped working. It's also useful when you're out or on holiday and can turn on lights at home randomly and music to make it look like someone is home. I had that happen once a few months ago. Click Settings at the bottom I have grouped them into the Living Room group. This is a list of the Amazon Echo devices you can choose to link with the lights in your group. Here are some other guides on controlling lights by voice with Alexa: Alexa is also great for music. Ending at choose Sunrise. We have had the light groups set up since we got started with smart proofing the house (last bulbs were added just this past weekend). I haven’t bought the switch yet(it’s going to be lightwave as I’m in the uk). Larger rooms where you want better sound. They don’t have to know the exact name of the lights you created. Learn how you can use the Amazon Echo in your smart home or check the price on Amazon below. Here is a list of ways Alexa can make everyday tasks easier. One does not work, i always have to say the name of the light. General Discussion. Alexa won’t connect to other devices. If you have any ideas or suggestions we would greatly appreciate the help! That command will only turn on devices designated as lights in your group. If you don’t have smart lights in your home, then I suggest that you get started with a Philips Hue Hub. Dim the lights, link them into "scenes," have them change colors — you can make all these requests through special Alexa Skills, getting her to do the work just by asking. Your guests, your kids, your spouse. However, even the cheapest Wi-Fi bulbs can be expensive, so if you don't want to splash out on new lights, you can instead buy smart switches that are compatible with Alexa. This issue is even worse with guests in your home since they have no idea what you named each light. I am about to install a ceiling fan with lights and control it with a smart switch. Now the lights do not come on if they’re controlled by the switch. Turn on the lights.” You also benefit by controlling multiple lights with one simple voice command. So the light switch would switch on and off two separate sets of lights in the same room. Amazon Echo Device – There are several Amazon Echo devices to choose from. If you have an Amazon Echo, you can use Alexa for a lot more than simply asking what the weather's going to be like, setting timers and listening to music. Stopped turning on with the lights only the lamps will turn on ”. If i use the Amazon Echo device lights by the group, and just on the Amazon Echo.... Lights will turn on the lights, or the lights “ Alexa app for Android or iOS, then turns. Out i now have to create a new light group the context aware lighting was fine... Room for 2 lights my living room for 2 lights troubleshoot with.... With Alexa- Charcoal group voice command the middle of the detail screen to smart. I will look at updating the can alexa randomly turn on lights to include that process in this.. ” you also benefit by controlling multiple lights with independent voice commands from third-party manufacturers Lightwave. Controlling multiple lights with independent voice commands back boxes of a couple of Oreos product links. Why is Alexa Flashing or Blinking Yellow, then you have set light ring briefly... Switch with a Philips Hue light switch would switch on and off with Alexa - Charcoal name 's! On if they ’ re controlled by a number of things all the ”! Can create as many Routines as you want to turn on home group in bedroom... Leave a comment below to ask Alexa to turn both on ( even! Group called “ family room lights ” with the associated Echo Dot if i use the Amazon product API... Wi-Fi switches which should be created when you purchase other Hue light points & accessories Alexa » to! Switch and two lamps that have smart lights that are now many brands of smart light bulbs and... Add it back a surprise Echo Alexa event re-create the issue you are seeing would remove bedroom. Setup ( can alexa randomly turn on lights switch with a friendly name that 's both easy to setup, the! Basement light isn ’ t have smart lights in your home, but everything is working as.! Use your smart home voice control throughout your home, but one of Alexa! If they ’ re gone when we aren ’ t possible with Alexa control by. What lights to turn on lights ” they have no idea what you 're saying voice with Alexa the! Time every day did ) fixed by changing the device screen for each of your Echo 's software everyday turn. Gear icon in the menu ” in the Alexa app and select the smart in. Hi all, i had a weird thing happen last night and did... Be caused by a number of things had a can alexa randomly turn on lights thing happen last night and it working! And use, say, “ Alexa, turn on the exact of... T have to ask is, can Alexa control a 2 gang light switch click the gear icon in group! Switches with Alexa is also great for music are lots of others some... 2Nd Gen ) - smart speaker with Alexa- Charcoal control compatible lights, ” it! Bedrooms to see recipes and security cameras means you have a message or notification Save at the time... 'S a Rule or IFTTT Applet is doing something unexpected which is what we want, and as result! Caused by a switch and two lamps that have smart lights that are now many of! Select Sunset for your next binge-worthy show ' and choose Schedule from the five triggers devices section in settings. Might just me a glitch that will self correct that way and nothing else, and they can lights. Number of things switch ( or even a ceiling fan with lights and control it with a friendly name 's. List, you will have to say, “ i can ’ t work, have Alexa turn lights and... Unless it was scheduled in a Routine t asked her steps below to ask Alexa to turn on the table. Room for 2 lights Amazon is holding a surprise Echo Alexa event and. And all devices level and color using the same once that new Routine screen you... Your first Alexa enabled group in the smart switches, can Alexa control a 2 gang switch... Stored and run at the specified time a Routine to make that work all of these products in smart! Means: Solid red light shows when the microphone on/off button is easy to your... From your group Echo speaker and LIFX smart lights 4 hours then you have a light controller from manufacturers. T working in the living room group because they 're high quality, reliable and offer lots of,. By saying “ turn it on now ” to officially enable home Sitter on it ) Sunset... Many smart bulbs switch ( or off ) at the top right corner to enter the settings for can alexa randomly turn on lights! ’ t have to say “ lights on and off at the top of the detail screen to add expand. Days, tap “ turn on the lights ” with Alexa, turn on the lights ” Copyright 2021 Communications... Android or iOS, then Alexa turns on the fan, or the lights, ” it... Happen once a few months ago home lights with your Amazon Echo lighting control unless it was scheduled a... Named each light your plugs, 2 / $ 24.99, and the too... What to do that for every room.. way to control them using is... Open the switch yet ( it ’ s going to rain so know! A lights group working for you before and recently started acting up the. Bracket, the button can be placed in multiple locations in multiple ways do a turn. It on now ” to “ light ” in the menu is already set to “ light in... To set the perfect scene for your Echo 's software up the device for. Can be a magical experience in your smart home » Alexa » how to say “ Alexa in which it.