And the best part about these—they’re thornless too! Try a thornless variety such as ‘Loch Ness’ or ‘Helen’. It does best on deep, sandy soil. I noticed your in zone 7b. I would like to settle on about three varieties that cover late spring through fall. A vigorous but exceptionally manageable variety due to the thornfree branches making maintenance simple. Ouachita has also done well, with plants that produce a decent crop of good tasting berries even in partial shade. I’m getting rid of my Apaches and Kiowas, the Apaches for the reasons mentioned and the Kiowas because I’m continually fighting Anthracnose and Septoria leaf spot. Apache- An erect thornless blackberry similar to Arapaho with larger fruit and seed, ripening 15 days later than Arapaho. I agree that Navaho is a good choice, as the berries always taste good and it’s consistently, if not highly, productive. Glad to hear a vote for Arapaho. As anyone who has grown blackberries can attest, finding a suitable spot for a tangle of prickly vines in a backyard can present a bit of a challenge. Apr 30, 2019 - Explore Pat Stanfield's board "Thornless blackberries" on Pinterest. Prime Ark Freedom might be its replacement but it is to early to determine. Natchez Blackberries have a 9.5% sugar content which makes them great for jams, jellies, juice mixes or just eating fresh off the bush. It is a 1989 release from the University of Arkansas. Mid season thornless variety. Its berries are small to moderate in size and glossy black with small seeds. orchardman 2015-06-12 12:59:54 UTC #1. Our blackberries include summer bearing - fruiting in mid summer - and everbearing varieties - fruiting in late summer into fall; varieties for regions where most other varieties are not hardy. Top-dress blackberries with 100g per sq m (4oz per sq yard) of general-purpose fertiliser in mid-spring and cover with a 7cm (3in) organic mulch annually. Apache has done poorly for me, with great looking plants but berries that appear partially pollinated or get white drupes. And the best part about these—they’re thornless too! It has firm berries with perhaps the best post-harvest shelf life. Taste a wild blackberry which has struggled with nature all year to grow and then a thornless I know which lacks flavour! Hoping my Freedom primacanes ripens after there peak period. All at Best Price Plants Home > Berry Plants > Blackberry Plants > Apache Thornless Blackberry Plant : Alternative Views: The thornless Apache blackberry plant is very erect in its growing habit, and the complete absence of thorns makes its harvesting easier. Their big negative is that their season is late enough that the second half is squarely in SWD’s crosshairs. Here’s my newly planted thornless blackberries (3’ spacing. Ouachita- not impressed with the flavor, but I find a good one every once in a while. Take a trip to the early 2000s, and prove the best BlackBerry Phones are still a thing even in the year 2020. Back in the day, BlackBerry phones were super popular in the business and consumer worlds because the stylish devices had high-level security and the spectacular messaging service: BBM. It was taken this afternoon, after I weeded the bed, but before I applied a good layer of woodchips. Thornless blackberry – Chester Campbell 2020-12-30T06:51:24+11:00. The vines are a mess most of the year, but then just as you consider pulling them out (or attempting to, blackberries are notorious for returning from runners after being removed) you’re rewarded by a harvest of sun-sweetened berries. Are you located anywhere near me in central Alabama? • Primocane-bearing varieties have been intro-duced in Texas only recently, and their potential for long-term performance is not well understood. Weighing in at 8-9 grams each, it only takes 3-4 berries to make an ounce. 5 Blackcurrants. Blackberries are a great addition to any garden or homestead. For the last three seasons, we’ve been rewarded with bucket-loads of large, conical-shaped berries with a delicious, sweet flavor. Thornless blackberry plants require rich, moist, soil and full sun exposure to thrive. Maybe if I decide not grow potatoes any longer, I’ll turn that bed into more blackberries! Sample Organic Fertilizer from Hello Organics & 4 Hello Organics Tags 4.0 out of 5 stars 243 $22.99 $ 22 . If you’d like to grow ‘Apache’ at home, ask your local nursery if they can order ‘Apache’ or order online for bare-root vines to plant in January. Prime Ark Freedom might be its replacement but it is to early to determine. Brethil 2015-06-12 15:22:05 UTC #4. Strings of ripe blackcurrants ready to pick . They did come through the harsh winter better, with growth up to ~4’ and only some dieback. The Natchez Thornless Blackberry fruits are very large, elongated and glossy black in color. Chester Thornless. of Sunset Publishing Corporation. Arapaho and Navaho both have nice berry clusters formed. See more ideas about thornless blackberries, blackberry, blackberry plants. While mature plants shouldn’t need extra watering, their fruit size will benefit from watering every 10-14 days if the summer is part… Grows like an aggressive wed around here. They produce a huge berry, but you really have to wait until they are very dark before they sweeten. lime sulfur. Soil And Best Location. New blackberry varieties: Eclipse, Galaxy, Twilight 10 min ago Twilight, a new thornless semi-erect blackberry variety released by ARS, melds the best of … Fruit quite large, attractive, very good flavour. This variety exhibits high disease resistance, drought tolerance, and adaptability to many soil types. The Apache Blackberry is very productive and selected because of its great flavor, good yield and very large fruit. Fruiting is not quite as plentiful as other thornless varieties of blackberry, but the fruits are known for excellent quality and taste. Thornless blackberry – Chester $ 14.00 inc. GST. What is your favorite variety of thornless blackberry? Glad to hear a vote for Arapaho. I found out this year that Triple Crown is also a bit winter tender. Thornless blackberry - Chester quantity. That’s why I planted the above varieties. Make sure the mulch is placed 5cm (2in) away from the new canes and the crown to prevent rotting. Once established, they are super easy to maintain with drip irrigation and yearly mulching. Apache has done poorly for me, with great looking plants but berries that appear partially pollinated or get white drupes. Natchez. Triple Crown- They have the best flavor of any non-trailing blackberries I’ve seen (Boysenberry and Marionberry are better). My canes died back to ~2’ (snow level), but are still flowering and look like they will produce at least a partial crop. I like the berry but I would really like to try Navaho. A neighbor has some triple crown, and they’ve been very productive and very vigorous plants. The best time to buy Thornless Blackberry Canes. It can be grown in some other regions with methods to improve cold hardiness (see “Pruning and training,” page 14, and “Common problems,” page 19). Kiowa, a thorny, upright type, may very well be the biggest blackberry in the world. We've been growing thornless blackberries for a number of years and really love these plants. It has medium-size fruit with high sugar content and excellent flavor. Thanks for the info! I’m testing a few varieties to see if I can work around the peak SWD periods. BlackBerry Plants "Sweetie-Pie" Price Includes Four (4) Plants with 4 oz. get rid of any wild blackberry close by. Navaho is tolerant of rosette but susceptible to orange rust. These and other thornless selections don't spread as aggressively as thorny types. COMMENT: I've trialed a lot of thornless blackberry cultivars and the best/most promising is the Navaho Summerlong as stated on this great site which knows its stuff. Water young plants every 7-10 days during dry spells. Auburn 2015-06-12 14:34:54 UTC #3. This maneuver will cost me fruit for a few years, but it will be worth it to lessen SWD’s impact. Bill. Womack, released in 1977 by Texas A&M University, is an erect thorned blackberry and yields are similar to Rosborough, but fruit are smaller. - Penn State reccs. The first two varieties may also be grown as self-supporting if need be as the stems are shorter and almost shrubby. All seem to be growing well in part sun, part shade. Nice errect structure, so I haven’t gotten rid of it yet. In hybridizing for the absence of thorns, the breeders did not give up berry flavor as is so often the case with thornless varieties. Thornless Blackberry plants are available for sale form the following nurseries. Add to cart. Best Thornless blackberry? The fruits are large, firm, long and conical in shape and have a bright regular appearance. In the shot above from the Sunset Test Garden, I’ve set up a very simple trellis of wire running between redwood stakes. SUNSET is a registered trademark Triple Crown is doing well for me but I’m concerned about it ripening during July and August (planted about 20 more this spring). The flavor isn’t as good as TC. Maybe I should include them in dormant sprays? If my Freedoms do well they might be my early and late berries. Arapaho. Apache- it has been a bit of an afterthought for me. Copyright © 2021 Sunset Publishing Corporation. Huge plant. Fruit is produced at the tops of the canes where the plants receive the most sun—making harvesting berries a cinch as the ripe clusters dangle at shoulder height. The United States Department of Agriculture developed the Chester thornless blackberry for its large, very sweet fruit. Navajo is the sweetest thornless blackberry plant produced by the University of Arkansas. For best results, plant in half shade or full sun although Merton will tolerate shade and soil with less than efficient drainage. And I will watch for any signs of rust. Pick an area with full sun and be sure to add plenty of compost to the soil before planting to give the plants a good start. It has a LOT more going for it and has *gasp* dethroned our beloved Marionberry as the most amazing berry to grow. I have one Navajo, one TC and one Osage and will probably just go with one of these for my small patch, but it is first year and no berries. The best soft fruit for shade, blackberries can be trained against a wall or fence. I’m in Carroll County, GA, which is right next to Alabama. I’m still in the process of deciding. TC has been a heavy producer for me but I share your concerns with the ripening date. Read our blackberry Grow Guide. Plus, the vines are not only thornless but they’re also upright-growing, making them easy to trellis into a relatively compact space. "Arapaho" (Rubus "Arapaho"), an erect thornless blackberry, produces white spring flowers and deep-green foliage. Natchez. It is winter hardy with an erect growing habit that requires no trellis. My Ouachita are large plants too. 99 $24.99 $24.99 The flavour is excellent, rich and aromatic. from left). Good luck, Bill, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Jim rates Navaho as the best-tasting new blackberry. Yields are 60 percent to 75 percent of those of Shawnee. Navaho is an erect blackberry with thornless canes. New blackberry growers should consider experimenting with Does anyone here have experience with Osage? ‘Karaka Black’ – thorny, compact plant, suitable for smaller garden. As anyone who has grown blackberries can attest, finding a suitable spot for a tangle of prickly vines in a backyard can present a bit of a challenge. I will get a taste this year. Triple Crown Blackberry has become our family’s favorite blackberry – and not just because it’s thornless (though we do love the ease of harvest). I expect Columbia Star to be excellent also. Unfortunately there is no cure or even a good preventative for orange rust, The only solution is the dig the plant out ASAP, get it out of the field and hope it does not spread to other plants, Orange rust is real common on wild blackberry so. I put them where Caroline raspberries used to be (another SWD fodder) and put summer raspberries where Prime Jan (also gets lots of SWD) was. Attractive, small black berries with traditional blackberry flavour, but the eating quality can be variable. WHITE HOUSE NURSERY - Jess Exiner & Peter Harris 412 James Lane, Fern Hill VIC. There on there way out of my yard as I put in replacements. Those newer US ones including primocane are just bland tasting beyond belief. In stock. Osage Thornless is an easy-to-grow berry bred to take blackberry flavor to the next level! Picking ripe blackberries straight from vine has got to be one of the sweetest parts of summer. Navaho is the only thornless blackberry variety that has canes that need no trellising. Osage Thornless Blackberry Osage Blackberry is the 13th cultivar of thornless blackberry to come out the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture. In winter when plants are dormant, they are easily posted at this time, ready for immediate planting. Chester Thornless blackberry is fairly similar to 'Thornfree', with a slightly different ripening time, also very heavy cropping plants, extends the season of blackberry harvest . All Rights Reserved. General Fruit Growing. How’s the taste of your Triple Crowns? For my area, Navaho by a wide margin. By next summer, you’ll be enjoying the berries just as much as we do. I need to try more but so far Navaho, and Triple Crown. Get fresh recipes, wine pairings, weekend getaway ideas, regional gardening tips, home design inspiration, and more. ‘Helen’ – thornless, relatively compact. VARIETIES OF THORNLESS BLACKBERRY. Auburn, have you decided on a replacement? The Navaho thornless blackberry shows disease resistance against double blossom, a fungal disease that attacks blackberries. I believe you will like the Navaho. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. They should be considered experimental and planted in limited quantities. Their big negative is that their season is late enough that the second half is squarely in SWD’s crosshairs. • Thornless varieties are easy to harvest, train, and prune. Richard 2015-06-12 13:42:23 UTC #2. Commences to ripen early to mid-July, providing the first supply of blackberries in the season. So I will keep an eye out and hope Navaho stays rust free. Compact growers – Loch Ness, earlier fruiting Waldo, and to a lesser extent, Loch Tay are good conservative growers that are happy with a spacing of 4-6’. The TC seems to be just slightly sweeter than my others. Triple Crown hands down. Due to our really harsh winter this past year my crop is going to be smaller than usual. Thornless vines present a solution for the backyard berry grower. “Common problems,” page 19) and is best adapted to the Willamette Valley and southwestern Oregon. One of my daughters/grands live in Powder Springs so we pass nearby when we visit. We have grown blackberry a long time but this is the first year we have had a problem with it effecting about 10 out of 300 plants. Arapaho runs a close second, but it ripens earlier and has smaller seeds. It’s good to see others posting that are in a similar zone. Two ‘Apache’ plants are planted either side of the trellis and their upright canes form the walls of what we’ve come to refer to as the berry room. Same here with Apache. And, in our opinion, the ‘Apache’ variety we’ve grown in the Sunset Test Garden is the best one around. Generous cropper of medium to large sized fruit with excellent flavour. HELEN — A early thornless blackberry raised from a cross between Silvan and an unnamed selection. Shawnee, released by the University of Arkansas, is an erect thorned blackberry and is a new variety which produces large fruit late in the season. We sprayed lime sulfur (I hate the danger and the smell) during the dormant period along with multiple doses of fungicide to try to control the leaf and cane rust but the sprays have no impact on the orange rust as far as I can tell. Thanks Blueberrythrill. Loch Maree Blackberry Bushes Very much an ideal garden variety, Loch Maree is completely thorn free and also has unusually pretty lilac pink double flowers, making this variety suitable for use in the ornamental part of the garden. The Summerlong is superior to the other Navaho types which I found to be quite late in ripening, prone to chlorosis, and flowers can be damaged by heavy showers or fail to open due to aborted pollination. It might take another season or two to decide. Good autumn foliage colour. I was worried when I got them if I picked some decent blacks. The Triple Crown has thornless canes but it’s best if you use the ripe berries soon after you harvest them, because the fruit does not keep well for long periods of time. It has been a vigorous and productive plant that starts ripening about mid July. It has a late ripening period--later than Arapaho and Apache, sometime in late June or early July. A lake for everyone, confessions of a pool crasher, and the BBQ king of California. Of my existing thornless: Cultivated varieties give bigger, earlier fruit than wild plants. RUBUS fruticosus BLACKBERRY Merton Thornless. Bill. What is your favorite variety of thornless blackberry? Its the berry my customers ask for by name, Unfortunately it gets orange rust. I have it and Navaho and hope for a decent early berry.