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Startup and SMEs Funding.

Startup and SMEs Funding.

We are your companion- Start-ups and SMEs. We understand the tough period that start-ups and SMEs have to deal with. To ensure that entrepreneurs devote their valuable time and energy to their business, we take care of all your documentation need.


Startups and SMEs Funding Option

  • Are you looking for bank loans?
  • Are you seeking private equity funding?
  • Are you searching for crowdfunding platforms?
  • Are you waiting for that one chance to connect with the investors?

You have a mind-blowing business idea, but the painstaking challenge is how to get the funds for the same? Don’t worry wannapreneurs, Infocrest can help you to connect with the investors/crowdfunding platforms/bank loans.

Before looking for all the above business funding options, why not get brief insights on them?



Crowdfunding is a platform wherein you take a loan from more than one person at a time. You can pitch your business idea with all the descriptions on the crowdfunding portal. You can give every detail about your business like objective, how will you earn profit, how much amount of funds are you seeking, and why, and many more. The consumers will check out your business, and if they like your business idea, they will invest in it.


Angel Investors

These startup investors are the individuals who have surplus money and would like to invest in future start-up businesses. They can also work in groups and skim through numerous proposals before investing in your business notion. They act as your angel financers and assist startups in establish their companies. Generally, this type of investment occurs in the initial stages of establishment.

Bank Loans

The first and foremost option before setting up a new business for funding is none other than the bank loans. Almost every bank has various alternatives to give collateral business loans. The added advantages include that banks neither ask for any ownership in the business nor are involved in the running of the business. Even more, you get various tax and financial planning benefits as well.

Private Equity Funding

Private Equity funding is the money which is directly invested in the private companies. These types of financing are generally opted for the purchase of new technology, business expansion, acquisitions, and increase the working capital. Private equity firms are the partnerships procured from the investment banks, rich individuals, and numerous financial institutions that are looking to explore new businesses and products.

So, pull up your socks if you are still struggling with the startup funding. Contact us, and we will help you to connect with all of them.

Key Features

We organize Funding events

Assisting your business to raise capital

Preparing necessary document to raise capital

Preparing necessary document for Business plans

Preparing necessary document for Pitch Deck

Preparing necessary document for Financial Model

Preparing necessary document for Company Profile

Preparing necessary document for Corporate Presentation

Preparing necessary document for Corporate Branding

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Infocrest is keen to make your business grow and therefore we are open to customizing a package for you that suits your business requirement and your finance budget.

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